OT: I cannot beleive I’m blogging about this

Michael Jackson is dead.


Now I can’t escape him.  He’s all over television.  Radio stations are playing non-stop tributes.  Even WoW bloggers are posting about it.

Look, he was good.  But he wasn’t a musical genius.

I will admit he was a genius at dancing and showmanship.  But he wasn’t a musician.

For the 80’s and 90’s: Prince was a musical genius.

Prince was such a musical genius that Michael’s first son was nicknamed Prince, and his second son was actually named Prince.  Michael Jackson named BOTH of his sons Prince.  That’s how fucking awesome Prince was.

And at least Prince was a sex freak out in the open.


To Farrah:

You were a beautiful, strong, courageous woman.  I am so sad that you are gone and that your passing is being overshadowed.

You fought a terrible disease.  And despite destroying your energy, your hair, your appearance (all the things that everybody thought made you who you were); the cancer could not destroy the one thing that truly made you so beautiful: Your Spirit.

My prayers are with you and your family.  You will be missed.


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  1. Tamarind Says:

    The truly embarrassing thing about the death of Michael Jackson for me (because of course it’s all about me…) was I actually heard about *in WoW*. To be fair, I’d spent all day in the library and I came home late and the first thing I did was log into WoW rather, y’know, read the BBC News Website or pick the paper off the mat… but I still feel kind of sheepish about it.

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