Back in the Saddle

I was playing around on some alts.  You know you haven’t been on an alt in a while when:

It's June, and you still have the Winter Veil costume buff

It's June, and you still have the Winter Veil costume buff

Yeah, she hasn’t seen much action.

So, back onto my main and I knock out Heroic Utgarde Keep for the daily.  Pally tank, and a warrior, rogue, and mage for DPS.

Everyone immediately started heading to the instance.  The mage and I made it there first and we started the summons.  Within 7 minutes of joining the group we were headed in.

The tank was good.  But a little impatient.  It was pull after pull, immediately followed by another pull.  I barely had time to drink between fights.  But the mage’s conjured mana streudels from the feast were nom.  I ated lots of them.

I had a few tense moments when I thought they had taken on too much.  But my group haelz got us through.

And we cleared it, the warrior and rogue each died once on different bosses from AoE bursts, but no wipes and we cleared it.  I even got some nice compliments on my mad l33t healz.propsprops2I don’t expect eveyone to kiss my ass for keeping them alive, but the thanks were nice.  I returned the compliment.  Good tank, good DPS, and apparently a good healer.  It was a good PUG.

So I turned in the quest and got the achievement for 200 daily quests complete.  I was feeling good and I saw a call from a previous tank I’ve run with:  Need 2 more for H Oc.  At last boss.  Need heals and dps.

Ok, this is the drake one.  I’ve never done this fight before.  I tell him I’ve never done it before but I’ll learn fast.  He sends the invite.

We get another noob like me.  At that moment a DPS quits.  Ok.  We get another.  But then he had to go.

I want to make sure I know the fight so I ask everyone.  I type the question right as we get a new join.  So the first thing he sees in party chat is:

“Ok, so is this drake thing like the daily outside Nex?  Cuz I’ve flown them a few times already.”  (Truthfully?  I’ve flown that drake seven times.  It took me that long to finish the first quest, and I never went back when it became available to me as a daily.)

So upon seeing that, he leaves too.  I need to work on my timing.  Or learn to whisper.

So we get a new guy.  A pally.  He immediately starts blasting me with questions like: “How long have you been an 80?”, “Did you take a long break after dinging 80?”  He was an absolute ass-hat.  “You’re going to have a noob on the healing drake?”  Seriously, the Green Dragon has three abilities.  How hard can it be?

The thing that burned me was that he left the other noob alone.  The other was a dwarf male, my toon is a human female.  This fuckhead was sexist towards noobs!  (But IRL I’m a male.)  He finally went afk, and then must’ve had internet trouble because he suddenly disconnected.

So we got yet another member.  We went in.  Wiped once on Eregos.  And downed him.  And as a reward for the noob, I got a Purple!

Sometimes it pays to tolerate an ass-hat.

Sometimes it pays to tolerate an ass-hat.


3 Responses to “Back in the Saddle”

  1. Madagan Says:

    I’m glad that you held on in the group. Congrats on the epic. You’re an inspiration to aspiring healers that are in real life shadow. Everyone comes down on noob healers for some reason but a noob dps is overlooked. You can be an epic healer and a group can still wipe from lack of dps or bad tanking. I’m already getting the epics from my tailoring put together to try and eliminate some of the ass clown questions. Heal on!

  2. Madagan Says:

    What UI do you use? I’m using carbonite right now.

  3. shadowygoodness Says:

    I use CTmod for the basics. It was the first addon I ever tried. The friend who got me into WoW used it. I’ve never really looked into other mods.
    I also use HealBot and VisualHeal. That makes it so easy a caveman could do it.

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